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the ultimate marketplace for all things artificial intelligence, powered by innovative technology and revolutionary Web3 language models.

Introducing DOJO

"Unleash the power of AI with Elon Musk and Dojo Supercomputer - your ultimate guide to the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow."

Dojo Supercomputer Core Components

Here at DOJO, we rely on a couple of core values that drive our project, platform, and trailblaze the path going forward.

Superb Development

If you’re looking to build anything AI, you’re going to need a lot of muscle. If you want to make it as perfect and seamless as possible, you’re going to need a couple of heavy duty developers with the know-how to make it work the right way every time.

We never skimp out on quality, and are determined to practise developmental excellence.



DOJO isn’t a community owned or community ran project. It’s a project made to honor Elon Musks Supercomputer in a way that it deserves. This is why our professional management caters all our developments and ideas towards the community.

DOJO is built by the experienced from the crypto community, for the DOJO community, no compromises.

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Adding Value For Users

DOJO is always looking for new ways to make holders as happy as possible. The primary point of DOJO is to make the best possible infrastructure and give the most resources and profit possible for it’s investors.

We’re constantly adding new features to benefits DOJO holders and users in as many ways as possible.


How to Buy


Download Metamask on your mobile device or browser, and follow the one screen prompts to create an account.


Purchase Ethereum through Metamask, or send it to your wallet via Coinbase, Kucoin, Binance, or other exchange.


Open Uniswap, connect your wallet and Copy and paste $DOJO's unique address and select it as the token you would like to swap Ethereum for.



Choose the amount of Ethereum you would like to spend, or the amount of tokens you would like to receive, and swap.



Each purchase, and each sale of $DOJO is taxed in order to fund development, marketing, and help expand the reach of the token.

1 Quadrillion

Total Supply


Buy Tax


Sell Tax

Is $DOJO Safe?

Dojo is as safe as it can get. With our blockchain-native platform and bulletproof tokenomics, the transparency and security of our product roster is enviable. Still having second thoughts? Check out the contract verified, liquidity lock, and audit to learn more!
✅ Liquidity Locked
✅ Contract Verified

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We’re here if you need anything. Just hit the button below, or email us at

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Dojo is a state-of-the-art, blockchain-native AI-orientated marketplace. Dojo is the first place you should be looking for if you need anything and everything related to artificial intelligence. A purpose-built platform where developers, startups, and programmers can offer their unique AI solutions and where people in dire need of AI can find the widest selection out there. Don't be dodging Dojo; we've been providing a haven for just the thing you need before you even knew you needed it in the first place.

Artificial intelligence is a renowned solution to many-a problems in both the private and public sectors. Almost every business in the digital age utilizes artificial intelligence in one way or another. It streamlines menial tasks, it automates things that would otherwise require a team of people to handle, and most importantly, it doesn't need sleep, vacation time, or food. AI is up and up all day, every day of the year. If you include AI in your business, you can see a major change in your corporate dynamic. Tasks that used to take ages are no longer that challenging, freeing up everyone's time to focus on more important tasks.

Dojo is a blockchain-native AI marketplace allowing you to purchase a range of AI APIs, software, and infrastructure to make your business smoother, easier, and much more streamlined. You can find AI models everywhere on the internet, but they could be more questionable at best. Only at Dojo can you find the best service on the market, the widest selection, and the bulletproof transparency and security our blockchain infrastructure offers. Here at Dojo, we're bringing you directly to the source, meaning you can purchase AI solutions directly from vendors. If you're a startup or a developer, you can offer your own AI models on DOJO. It's a free-market open-space marketplace where everyone and everything AI is welcome.

Integrating AI into existing operations is the best way to use it in your business. Drab, maybe, but hear us out. There is no need to reinvent the wheel; attach it to an AI engine. If you're running an eCommerce business, you can benefit from artificial intelligence chatbots to handle customer support. You can benefit from utilizing AI-powered analysis or prediction if you're running a financial services company or a crypto project. There really is only one way to lose with AI other than getting it somewhere other than DOJO.

The primary difference between Dojo and other AI marketplaces is actually the way that the entire platform functions. Dojo is built on the blockchain, making it as safe and transparent as possible. Another difference between Dojo and not-dojo is the fact that we're not only supporting small developers and startups, but we're also featuring the best that AI has to offer in an accessible marketplace at the most accessible prices out there. Are you looking for a very specific AI model that will solve your greatest personal or professional woes? There really is no alternative to DOJO.


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